Thursday, September 1, 2016


You know your OCD is showing when you take a picture of your loaded dishwasher because the configuration of dishes fit perfectly. Side note: It almost never happens. We've had this dishwasher since April and every time I load it, I feel like I'm playing tetris against a super computer and I always lose. Today I won.

You know what would have been better? If I took a picture AFTER the dishwasher had run.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Build It!

The total cuteness and terror that is a toddler with a hammer. 

He did so well with the hammer. Like, remarkably, mind blowingly well. 

*why can't I make this upload in HD? this blurry vid is killing me.

He got a bit bored when it came to painting and made Mommy finish. He was happy with his Batman tic tac toe set regardless. 

Princess bear did her entire school house money bank project on her own with just a few assists from Daddy. 

So nice of Home Depot to let Gabriel do a project too since technically the workshops are for ages 5 and up! I'm not sure I'll take him back every month but we'll definitely go every now and then. 

*lack of quality photos because my fingers were COVERED in paint and it was hard to touch my phone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The final weigh out!

ooh wow... got so distracted with the holidays that I never checked in with my final 90 day totals... oops? Sorry about that. With the spring 90 day challenge beginning in less than a month let's go back and see what I can piece together.

9/29/15 162.9lbs and 36.5%bf
10/6/15  162.1lbs and 36.3%bf
10/13/15 163.1lbs  and 35.9%bf
10/20/15  161.4lbs and 35.8%bf
10/27/15  161.2lbs and 35.8%bf

11/04/15   160.9lbs and 36.4%bf
11/07/15   1589.9lbs and 37.2%bf *
  (lookie! exaclty 10 less than my weigh IN!)

Painfully obvious when I stopped lifting weights isn't it? The weight continued the downward trend but the body fat percentage started to climb back up. 

All in all the 90 day challenge was a great experience that really kept me accountable but the bad news is that since it finished right before Thanksgiving I've let my fitness regime slip... big time. The weight has crept back up. Me and the kids all took turns being sick through most of December so the gym was pretty much off limits. I pulled a back muscle last week and it's taken a week to just feel almost normal again. (Did I pull that muscle being awesome in the gym you ask? Alas no. I twisted exactly the wrong way picking my toddler up at story time!!) 

New challenge starts Feb 4th and it looks like I may have convinced Mark to do it with me this time....!!!! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Tree!

I think we've stumbled into a new tradition! 

Nobody (except maybe my mom) was super keen on my idea to film the family decorating the tree but I was insistent. I thought it would be cute. I think I was right. ;) 

Mark totally got on board when I started editing though. No way I could have made the music half as seamless as he managed. 

Honestly? It's actually much funnier to watch than we thought it would be. Tip: if you want to laugh just keep your eyes on Gabriel. 

We'd intended to decorate with my parents but wound up getting the tree a day late and then had to let it drop a bit before we could decorate and by that time they were headed home. 

The confusion doesn't come across in the video (which is a good thing!) but we are missing an entire box of tree decorations. Looks like it's back into the attic I go. Oh and turns out the star was completely out of frame. oops.  I wish I could have uploaded the movie in full resolution but that would have been a 3gig beast so the internets will just have to make do with the lower quality. I'm so looking forward to doing this every year now!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weekly Weigh In 9,10,11, and 12!

Oh gosh... how behind am I? I don't even have an idea. I'm going to have to go back and look at my last post to work it out.

After finishing NROLFW stage 1 my dedication completely fell apart. Instead being able to knock out a workout in 35 minutes, stage two was taking me almost and hour and a half. I do not have that kind of time to devote to the gym 3 days a week. Add in visiting grandparents and I can honestly say I've only made it to the gym once a week recently (and that was for yoga!) I did make it to LifeBarre last night so I feel like I'm on my way to getting back in the groove but we'll see.

I only have 11 days before my final weigh out. Ideally I'd like to see that scale tip below 160 (it's been YEARS people.) I know it's just a number and if I start lifting properly for the next 2 weeks I know the scale might actually go up but it would be lovely to see. I'm going to try to really recommit myself for this final push.

Okay time for the numbers... (looks like the last weigh in was the 12th)

9/29/15 162.9lbs and 36.5%bf
10/6/15  162.1lbs and 36.3%bf
10/13/15 163.1lbs  and 35.9%bf
10/20/15  161.4lbs and 35.8%bf
10/27/15  161.2lbs and 35.8%bf

and here it is in a pretty graphical representation

whoo! It's not a lot but it's progress. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekly Weigh In 8

Despite celebrating a belated birthday weekend for my Mom in NoVa this weekend, I still managed to come away from the weigh in with good news! (Take that Cheesecake Factory!)

9/29/15 162.9lbs and 36.5%bf

I have officially lost 5lbs LOL!! Slow but steady right people? I'll get there... eventually!

Stage 1 - Workout B recap

Call me absent minded. I totally forgot to come back and post Stage 1 - Workout B's recap!

 However, it's not like I'm saying goodbye to any of these moves, stage 2 just modifies them a bit. Lunges and deadlifts will be elevated, wide grip lat pulls switch to an underhanded grip, shoulder presses become Cuban dumbbell snatches.. planks and pushups will remain as is (just hopefully with better form!) Wish me luck folks! I made it through Stage 2 Workout A this week already but tomorrow will be my first go at S2B1! (stage 2, workout 1 of B)

 ps. Can I just add how totally impressed I am with myself after figuring out to embed that pdf file into the blog all by myself? Whoo!
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