Thursday, May 22, 2014

His First Steps

Gabriel started standing on his own almost 2 weeks ago. When I say started, I mean two seconds here, three seconds there. We've been in no hurry for him to walk. Babies will walk when they want to. That said, I can't pretend that there hasn't been some good natured ribbing from his parents along the lines of "Jessica took her first steps at 10 months 10 days old, you have 3 days left..." etc etc (it's okay as long as they can't understand English yet right?)  In the past couple days he ramped up his standing time to stretches of 5 or 10 seconds so last night, 10 months and 10 days Gabriel time, we decided to give him some dedicated walking time incase he wanted to match his sister ;) Turns out he did!

10 months 10 days old ~ Gabriel's first steps. 
(His first steps were actually about 5 minutes earlier but I didn't have the camera out because I wanted to be fully present. I'm trying to work on things like that ;))

Now that's he's taken his first steps he can relax and just chill for a while. Jessica didn't take off and proper walk for another month. hahaha

Honestly I doubt he would have been that interested in walking if Jessica had stayed in bed like she was supposed to. He loves making her laugh, giggle, squeal, scream.... you name it. Attention from his sister in any way shape or form makes his world go round. 

He also figured out how to push our make-shift baby gate out of the way for clear access to the stairs. Proper baby gate arrives tomorrow. 

For now it's like we're just piling anything we can into the barricade. 24 more hours of this required, totally secure right?  [UPDATE: Not even this configuration is besting the beast. He slides the chair and then moves the cube like a finely practiced tetris move. oh why oh why did I not spring for 1 day shipping?]

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  1. Adorable! I love reading your writing about the adventures of you and your little ones! (and, yes, DO BE PRESENT...not always meaning "taking pictures of...")


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