Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gabriel - 11 months

The 11th fell in the dead center of a trip to visit my parents. I remembered to bring the kangaroo but forgot to account for the temperament of a newly mobile 11 month old in a house full of novelty. This is the closest to a passable picture I managed to capture. Only one more month of these posed shots to complete the set. Definitely going for a slightly different take after he hits the big 0-1. 


  • He walks, he thinks he can run, he falls on his face. 
  • He signs all the time. Unfortunately 99% of the time the sign is "More." We're pretty sure he thinks it means WANT. (Today he finally learned drink, he was very excited to make the connection. I was excited too because this little mister tries to bite when he can't make himself understood.) 
  • He says Dada more than Mummy. Today I found him at the bottom of the stairgate trying to squish his face through, calmly hollering, DA-DA! DAAADA! The expression on his face obvious that he fully expected Mark to appear out of thin air at any moment. 
  • Making real progress learning not to smack. In the past two days I've only gotten smacked on the face twice and Jessica has only had her hair pulled once I think. It's a baby miracle!

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  1. want...more...hard to tell the difference!! What fun!


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